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1024x768 PING">

The issue is that, for GCE (and probably AWS and other cloud environment Windows clients), you don't have a virtual video adapter and display, so, unless there's an open RDP connection to the client, it doesn't have a screen, and SikuliX/OpenCV will get a 1024x768 black desktop, and fail.

1024x768 PING">

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In summary, I used RDC to connect, put the following code in a batch file on remote desktop, double clicked it, and sikulix started working remotely (kicking me out of RDC at the same time). Note that ec2 windows machines default to 1024x768 when tscon takes over which may be too small so TightVnc can be used to increase the resolution to 1280x1024 before running. 041b061a72


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