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Ghost Stories (Dub) Episode 1

Aniplex, who owned the series' Western distribution rights, approached ADV Films to produce an English dub.[7] Aniplex gave the ADV Films staff very few constraints when writing the new version, the only rules were "don't change the character names (including the ghosts); don't change the way the ghosts are slain (a reference to Japanese folklore) and, finally, don't change the core meaning of each episode".[5]

Ghost Stories (Dub) Episode 1

It should then be noted that, while the dub is not only significantly more impressive in terms of dialogue, it also does a better job at developing the characters compared to the original. For example, take the ad-libbed, absurd backstories which are revealed throughout the episodes for the main characters:

I grew up with the Animax dub and I was completely heartbroken that the ADV dub is more received by western fans. it was infuriating, since the show is pretty good. Yeah, it was bad timing on its part because japanese people are already tired of ghost stories when this anime came out, hence it flopped. The ADV dub completely sh*ts on a lot of stuff I believe in, and I just cannot learn to like it. 041b061a72


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