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Got your nutrition sorted? Finding you've hit a plateau with your training?

This 12-week coaching only package is designed to provide you with a home, outdoor or gym-based programme tailored towards you and the goals YOU want to achieve.

You’re an individual so to get the best results we’ll work together to produce a training programme tailored to your goals, lifestyle, equipment and likes. 



what's included.

12-week coaching programme modified on a need to basis

A start-up consultation to explore your training history, likes and dislikes, your training style, equipment availability and goals.

Your own PT: I am there every step of the way for 1:1 support throughout the entire programme 24/7 support by me via WhatsApp

Weekly check-ins: Speak to me directly to make any tweaks, keep you motivated and ensuring you're on track towards meeting your goals

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Ready to join my team?

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Contact me for your suitability!

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