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'The 12 weeks spent being coached for my nutrition completely changed my outlook on my diet. Before the process began I was fixated on calorie counting, calories burnt every day etc and my fit bit became an unhealthy obsession. I quickly learned that although my diet wasn’t terrible I was lacking in certain foods. As soon as I started the 12 weeks my energy improved dramatically and I was a lot happier in myself, becoming relaxed with my eating as well as sticking to my macros. Not only did I notice a massive physical difference with a loss of body fat but also my mentality towards food and exercise improved. I am so happy I signed up for this course of coaching and would recommend it to anyone who already has a handle on their diet but just needs a little help to be put in the right direction'

Testimonials .

'Zoe is really approachable and so lovely. If you’re looking for a kick start and motivation Zoë is your girl! I lack motivation to exercise and love food so I needed a plan which would allow me to still enjoy going out for dinner and drink wine but not to the detriment of my progress and this plan did exactly that. Thank you Zoë, have been exactly what I needed and I’ll definitely be hoping to work with you again soon! :)'

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'Thank you so much for everything over the last 12 weeks this has been exactly What I needed and I’ve loved (although hated at times during the workouts!!!) every week :)'

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