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KMPlayer 64 Bitl

[KMPlayer]+Version:,910,976, 2010-Nov-03 17:05:54)+libcodec.dll: Exist(4,870,254, 2010-Oct-18 10:00:06)+libmplay.dll: Exist(431,616, 2008-Jul-14 11:31:44)+PProcDLL.dll: Exist(1,769,472, 2008-Feb-25 15:07:04)+LibDTS.dll: Exist(178,174, 2008-Dec-05 16:42:20)+liba52.dll: Exist(73,063, 2008-Dec-05 16:41:10)+libfaad2.dll: Exist(335,155, 2008-Dec-05 16:37:06)+libmad.dll: Exist(123,036, 2008-Dec-05 16:42:30)+libmpeg2.dll: Exist(154,644, 2008-Dec-05 16:42:42)+theora.dll: Exist(200,864, 2008-Dec-05 16:43:32)+OggVorbis.dll: Exist(1,165,312, 2008-Feb-25 15:07:00)+xviddll.dll: Exist(758,319, 2008-Dec-05 16:58:36)+Old_QUARTZ.DLL: Exist(770,048, 2008-Feb-25 15:07:00)+AboutDll.dll: Exist(105,472, 2005-Oct-03 14:12:18)+DTView.dll: Exist(104,448, 2008-Feb-25 15:04:36)+MPlayer.dll: Missed+ImLoader.dll: Exist(856,064, 2008-Feb-25 15:05:22)

KMPlayer 64 Bitl

there's a new programmer (or a new team maybe) which has taken over the kmplayer development. did not test the latest version for portability though, but from what i've seen,there was a warning in the previous version if you tried to run kmplayer portably, which is gone in the new build, so there is hope in the horizon :)

If you've read these comments, it was misleading to call this player open source. It is such a beautiful player (its default skin anyway) and has some features i wish Winamp had. But, weighing it against Winamp... I'd stick with Winamp (one big complaint[of many]- navigating through the damn menus in kmplayer). As for being portable- when changing the options to write to an ini file (to make it portable) they say its a "bit slow"; this is so true for the common computer. Again, Winamp (5.1) seemed to perform better as a portable. Whats good about both is the ability to keep track of the music in the library when changing drive letters (kmplayer uses a winamp library, so no wonder it can too). Next time i switch, i hope it'll be a good open source program with a nice library...

I saw your comment about reg changes Rick. I also saw where A had said to make a .ini file before running. Rick is correctbut here's what I did. I just went to regedit and deleted the reg changes kmplayer had made. I ran kmplayer again and no reg entries were made. Also I have also run kmplayer on my computer at work and no reg entries were detected.

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