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Download Shaukeen Kaminay Full Movie in HD Quality - Filmywap

Download Full Movie Shaukeen Kaminay in Hindi

Are you looking for a way to download full movie Shaukeen Kaminay in Hindi? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this movie, why you should watch it, and how you can download it legally or illegally. But before we get into that, let's find out what Shaukeen Kaminay is all about.

download full movie Shaukeen Kaminay in hindi

What is Shaukeen Kaminay?

Shaukeen Kaminay is a 2016 contemporary Indian film, directed by Anil Chorasiya. The directorial debut is a Hindi language film. The film is produced under MFA Motion Pictures by Brajesh Pandey.

Plot summary

The story deals with the question that why virginity is a privilege for men and justification for woman. Three friends are enjoying life with many of their girlfriends. One day they come to know from a website that a lot of girls are selling their virginity for money. They promise each other that whenever they get married, they will make sure that the girls are virgin but their journey of life leads them to fall in love. They get married to three girls from different social backgrounds. Do they fulfill their promise? Do they really get married to virgin girls?

Cast and crew

The film stars Narendra Tiwari as Som, Kartik Gaur as Hardik, Sahil Garg as Sunny, Vanshika Gupta as Sonali, Yasmin Pathan as Divya, Priyanka Singh as Pallavi, Pramod Shukla as Phundru, Manisha Singh as Sheela, Seema Billong as Kalawati, and Vandana as Riya. The film is written by Brajesh Pandey, cinematographed by Mayank Tiwari, edited by Sanjay Kumar, and composed by Rajib-Mouna and Dharam Dewda.

Reception and reviews

The film was released on 3rd June 2016. It received mixed to negative reviews from critics and audiences. The Free Press Journal called the film "A bad joke." The film was also criticized for its poor production quality, weak b70169992d


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