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Exploring Railay & completing the 'DANGEROUS' Trek to the Secret Lagoon

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

All with horrendous hangovers we all evaluate the events of the night before and come to the conclusion it was an absolutely fantastic effort on everyones part that we all got back to the boat in one piece last night, with no war wounds to show. Myself, Jess and Tyler headed back on the dingy to shore to fetch some more supplies while the others made breakfast.

Todays sailing took us just round the southern coastline too Railay. A peninsula between Ao Nang and Krabi, only accessible by boat due to the limestone rocks cutting it off from the main land. Railay is a place that’s on every travellers to see list. It’s home to some of the prettiest beaches in Thailand and a must for rock climbing fanatics.

One place that’s a must - if your daring enough, is the climb to Railays secret lagoon. Tonsai is the beach known for its rock climbing, if you’re not feeling that energetic then this maybe an alternative, but a good level of fitness is still required. If you don’t manage the first 10 minutes of climbing, abort, it only gets harder. I’d recommend reading some of the Trip Advisor reviews, both so you know what your getting yourself into and for the humour.

Initially standing at the bottom you’ll face a 200m climb up to Railay view point (this is about a third of the full trek) you then come back on yourself and continue to climb up and over the limestone down into the lagoon. Some people take climbing equipment but we managed without anything, just as long as you take your time. There are also some muddy rope to help - I avoided using these as I trusted my grip strength holding onto rock more…

Completing Railay secret lagoon 101:

  1. If you can - try and time it with high tide, this will allow you swim in the lagoon, otherwise it can be very shallow.

  2. I’d advise appropriate footwear or bare feet (more grip), just be mindful that there is sharp rocks in the lagoon itself.

  3. If you can, try and avoid completing if there has been any recent rain or it is likely to rain - unlike use, we paid no attention to the forecast and quickly found out on our way out it can become a mud slide

  4. Don’t wear your favourite clothes or anything white - it’s guaranteed to become stained with the red clay

  5. Anyone that isn’t covered in mud and head to toe sweat didn’t make it to that lagoon

  6. Ignore passers by that have failed. They’ll be throwing comments around like ‘theres a 20 ft drop, you have to absail, its a vertical drop, no its way too hard you won’t manage it’ there wetwipes, it can be done if your in what I would call ‘normal shape’

  7. The climb back is definitely a lot easier, but does require an element of upper body strength.


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