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Exploring Koh Phanak and Phang Nga Bay aka. Razor Beach (I kid you not...)

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Day 2 was a slow one, we weren’t able to venture far as we were waiting for Mallory (squad member 8, the Physio for the Canadian Rugby Team) to arrive. Bringing our squad up to 3 physios, 3 rugby players, a nurse and a sales women. Once we finally got on route, we sailed toward Koh Phanak.

One of the owners of the Charter company recommended we visited ‘the hong’ in Phang Nga Bay. In Thai, ‘hong’ means ‘cave’ or ‘room’, but this can be a tunnel through the limestone rock filled with sea water, a dry hong that you can walk or climb into, or a huge crater within the limestone open to the sky above. It’s this beach we’ve nick named razor beach. I would suggest going in at high tide and either swimming, rib or kayaking.

We waited till the tide started to go out, meaning we were able to walk through to the hong, but on the way out, making our way back to the boat was a challenge in itself. We’d anchored 100-200m off shoreline and swam in. Coming out of the cave it was low tide, and the tide had gone out significantly, revealing this quick sand full of razor sharp shells which we had to crawl our way through. Making it back to the boat without a scratch deserved a medal.

Once back to the boat everyone compared and washed down war wounds, and we sailed to Koh Phanak anchoring in the middle of a bay, where it took the boys 40 minutes to anchor in the dark (nothing to do with them being steaming either).

As the evening antics unraveled it become clear of two things:

Canadians love their card games

Canadians can drink

Canadians love country music - Mockingbird was on repeat.


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